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Helton Law Firm’s fees

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | Firm News

When it comes to securing legal services, one of the paramount concerns for most people is the associated cost. Many establishments choose not to disclose their fees upfront, leaving clients in the dark until they have already committed.

Unlike these businesses, Helton Law Firm values transparency and believes that every potential client has the right to understand the cost structure before making any commitments. Their primary objective is to offer services that are not only competitive but also of great value when considering their client-focused approach.

Why Helton Law Firm is open about fees

Helton Law Firm believes that clear communication and comprehension form the foundation of a strong client relationship. They take pride in publishing their fees for the benefit of their clients and are confident that their fees reflect the premium, client-centered services they offer.

While Helton Law Firm often charges much less than many other establishments, they do not necessarily have the lowest fees in Tulsa. However, remember the age-old saying: “You get what you pay for.” Would you prefer someone who might charge less but is hard to get ahold of or someone who charges a little more but ensures constant communication? Helton Law Firm aims to be quick, responsive and available for clients.

The advantage of flat fees

At Helton Law Firm, services like trusts, wills, powers of attorney and many others have a fixed or flat fee. This method is particularly advantageous for business clients as it aids in budgeting and planning for legal service costs.

However, not every service can have a guaranteed cost. Some cases have variables that can change the final amount. In such scenarios, Helton Law Firm strives to provide cost estimates and continually updates clients on any changes. They prefer to break costs into phases, making it easier for clients to handle larger projects step by step. The firm may charge a retainer to cover the estimated cost of the first few phases of the case, and clients may need to replenish it as the case progresses.

With Helton Law Firm, the main goal is to provide efficient, high-quality services without any hidden costs. Their commitment to keeping clients in the loop about fees is a testament to the firm’s dedication and client-centric approach.