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Experienced Counsel When Probating An Estate In Oklahoma

Probate is the legal process of administering the assets and estate of a deceased individual while resolving claims and distributing property in accordance with a will. The probate process is very complex even when beneficiaries get along. It can quickly become extremely complicated and tangled if disputes arise pertaining to the validity of the will or when the appointment of an executor or personal representative is called into question.

At the Helton Law Firm in Tulsa, we want to help you avoid delays and conflicts by giving you the information and education you need to protect and assert your interests.

What Is Probate? Answers To Your Questions Regarding The Probate Process In Oklahoma.

After the death of a loved one, most family members prefer to move through the probate process as quickly as possible. However, there are numerous occasions when emotions, family disputes or lack of a valid will or estate plan can delay the process and pit family members against one another.

Once the will has been validated and assets identified, the executor or personal representative will begin to dispose of the decedent’s estate as outlined in the will. This process is often very involved, depending on the scale and scope of the estate being probated.

We will help you handle all aspects of probating an estate:

  • Executors will need to understand how to gather and protect estate assets
  • Personal representatives will need assistance preparing proper inventories and accounting for assets
  • Executors will need assistance distributing assets while accounting for creditors’ claims
  • Creditors will need to be notified of deadlines for submitting claims
  • The estate may need to assert claims against third parties to collect debts or assert claims for damages
  • Real estate may need to be appraised and sold to pay debts
  • Certain taxes may need to be considered, including estate, gift and inheritance taxes
  • Assets will need to be transferred to beneficiaries

Trust Administration Is Complicated And Demanding

No good deed goes unpunished. Those selected to serve as trustees should feel honored because of the trust and faith a deceased friend or family member placed in them. Unfortunately, the role of trustee is a thankless and dangerous job. Trustees are burdened with fiduciary duties that can create personal liability if the trustee fails to follow the complicated requirements in the trust or Oklahoma law. Trusts usually permit trustees to use trust assets to retain legal counsel to assist them through the perilous duty of administering a trust. At Helton Law Firm, we have helped numerous trustees properly administer trust duties and prevent the stress that often accompanies the role.

We can assist trustees in the following areas:

  • Understanding the trustee’s fiduciary duties
  • Providing notice and information to beneficiaries
  • Addressing complaints and second-guessing by beneficiaries
  • Preparing inventories and accounting of trust assets
  • Interpreting trust provisions regarding distribution criteria
  • Paying creditor claims
  • Managing trust assets to balance income and liquidity
  • Asserting claims on behalf of the trust against third parties
  • Defending against claims by disgruntled beneficiaries
  • Dealing with state and federal agencies
  • Managing family businesses owned by the trust

Protect Family Bonds During Probate And Trust Administration By Working Alongside A Skilled Lawyer

With  over 25 years of experience handling estate and probate matters, we understand the delicacy of working with families as they go through difficult times. To learn more about probate and trust administration and how an attorney can help you, call our Tulsa, Oklahoma, law office at 918-928-8941 or complete our online contact form.