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Legal Guidance For Startups And Other Business Transactions

At Helton Law Firm, our practice is dedicated to providing small and medium-sized businesses and corporations throughout Oklahoma with intelligent and effective strategies and solutions to compete in the modern business environment.

Relying on insight and experience developed over years of handling complex business matters, we provide counsel and representation in a wide range of business law issues such as mergers; acquisitions; shareholder agreements; buy-sell agreements; asset purchases; leases; drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts; business formation strategies; exit planning; dispute resolution; and litigation.

The Legal Resources You Need When Starting Or Growing Your Business

No matter the size, scale or scope of your business, working with an attorney can help you address and achieve your immediate and long-term goals. By working closely with you and remaining accessible as general outside counsel throughout the life of your business, we can help you build, develop and expand your business through any of the following:

With over 25 years of experience assisting a diverse range of clients in corporate law matters, we are confident that we can help develop the vision you hold for your business.

Make Sure That Your Business Sale Contract Is Right

Whether you have successfully built a business that is being purchased by a third party or are acquiring a competitor, you’ve worked too hard to not do the deal right. Having invested countless hours, energy, resources and finances in your business, there are myriad issues to consider and address before closing on a purchase or sale. At Helton Law Firm, we will explain every aspect of the agreement and ensure that you and your interests are protected.

Build A Brighter Future By Contacting A Tulsa Business Planning Lawyer

To discuss your business and the best methods for developing a strategy for achieving your goals, contact Helton Law Firm by calling 918-928-8941 or completing our online contact form.