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Guardianship Papers Aren’t As Simple As One Might Think

At Helton Law Firm, our estate planning practice is dedicated to extending legal protections to individuals who may be unable to provide for themselves. By establishing legal guardianships, we help families protect aging parents or children who require certain physical or financial safeguards.

Protect The Interests Of Your Loved Ones Through Adult And Minor Guardianships

With years of experience helping families in Tulsa assess and protect their financial interests through comprehensive estate planning, we know full well the importance and benefits of drafting and establishing guardianship documents to account for the long-term interests of aging loved ones or those with special needs.

Whether protecting a child or an adult, we provide you with the information to determine the best interests of your loved ones when establishing legal guardianships:

  • Adult guardianship: In many cases, a guardianship is established to protect an aging adult who can no longer care for him or herself after suffering some type of major physical or mental impairment. Commonly, a son or daughter will step in and take custody of a disabled parent who may be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or another disease or disability. The guardian may assist with personal care, financial matters and upkeep of property; have power of attorney; and address any health and living arrangements.
  • Guardianship of a minor: A petition for guardianship may be brought by a close relative or family member, usually a grandparent, aunt, uncle or stepparent. Guardianship may be granted if a child’s parent(s) are found to be unfit, unable or unwilling to care for the child. In many cases, a parent who abuses drugs or alcohol, displays violent behavior or places a child in harmful or dangerous situations may be found unfit.

Although most have the best interests of their loved ones in mind when petitioning for guardianship, there are cases where this proves otherwise. If you have legitimate reasons for preventing a guardianship of a loved one, it is important to speak with a lawyer.

Contact Us To Begin Securing A Guardianship For Your Loved One

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