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Compassionate Counsel When A Will Contest Arises

During estate administration, one or more loved ones of the deceased person may raise an issue with the deceased person’s last will and testament. These will contests frequently cause stress and emotional pain among everyone involved.

At Helton Law Firm in Tulsa, our will and trust attorneys can assist you during this difficult time. In addition to our outstanding legal services, we make sure to treat you with compassion and dignity during such a difficult time.

Handling All Types Of Will Contests

There are several issues that can raise a red flag, prompting someone to challenge an existing will. Our estate attorneys regularly handle will contests involving:

  • Undue influence: An unscrupulous person took advantage of a vulnerable testamentary to influence their will.
  • Lack of capacity: The testator lacked the mental acuity to create a will or other estate planning tools.
  • Multiple wills: More than one will exists and they differ substantially.
  • Fraud: A will contains false or fraudulent information.
  • Forgery: Someone forged the signature of the testator, notary, conservator or another person.
  • Improper execution: The will is invalid because it was not properly signed, witnessed or executed.

We can represent you if you wish to contest a will. We can also defend you if you are an executor or an interested party and someone else has contested the will.

Preserving The Assets And Minimizing Costs

Before we pursue litigation, we explore the other available options such as pretrial negotiation or mediation. Unnecessary litigation can quickly drain the assets in the estate as well as your own wallet. Instead, we consider the strategies best suited to the situation and select the one with the best likelihood of achieving your goals.

Talk To A Caring Team Member Today

You do not have to navigate the complex details of a will contest on your own. Helton Law Firm can do it for you. Speak with one of our staff members to schedule an initial consultation. Please call 918-928-8941 or send us an email to begin.